Linea 85 B Freestanding

ADF is a family-owned metalworking business founded in 1976. From the project, design, testing, certification, quality of materials and components, manufacture, quality control, and packaging, each ADF fire has been designed using this 43-years of experience, to create a fireplace that meets the highest standards.

Linea 85 B is all about contemporary lines and a strong sense of style. Expertly constructed by some of the world’s finest craftsmen ADF incorporates their heritage and time-honoured tradition into every design.

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The Linea 85 B provides a considerable 13.1kW of heat output with an average of 63% efficiency. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every ADF fire, these elegant fires combine a simplistic linear design with a 5mm steel firebox lined with high-density firebricks. This automatically insulates the combustion chamber to allow for a superior heat reflection.

Manufactured in Europe the ADF Linea 85 B reflects their strong traditions of workmanship, all whilst beautifully and efficiently distributing comfort and warmth.

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