Clou Xtra Freestanding Fireplace

Austroflamm was founded over 35 years ago and their range of fireplaces showcase some of the most advanced developments in heating technology.

Internally every Austroflamm fire features a Keramott lining. Keramott is a patented product that is exclusive to Austroflamm. This material excels with an exceptional ratio between thermal insulation and heat conduction. Consequently, the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures sooner, allowing for a clean, low-emission combustion.

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The Austroflamm Clou Xtra wood burning fireplace is unique and considered to be the pinnacle in design excellence. It has been equipped with the Xtra heat-storing technology. This technology is based on the patented Heat Memory System, but also on the special flue gas guidance and the convection air which can be regulated or shut off completely. Consequently, a fast heating system is being combined with extraordinarily efficient heat storage.
The convection air can be regulated according to demand with the attached lever. The more the convection air outlets of the top plate are open, the faster heat but less heat storage can be reached. A closed-top plate will however lead to slow heat and longer heat-storing.

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