Dexter Freestanding Fireplace

When the developers of the Dexter planned this Swedish stove, they realized that they also needed special technologies to keep operation simple. For example, there are only two subtle control elements on the Dexter: a door handle and one-hand control for the supply of combustion air. The door lock is opened by a slight pressure on the handle opposite the firebox so that the oven door can be swung open easily. Just as easily, the door automatically closes and locks itself. This closes the combustion chamber tightly. The furnace body of the Austroflamm Dexter has a rectangular shape with slightly rounded vertical edges.

With the Dexter, your creativity knows no bounds. It offers many possible combinations with its clever modules. These can be used with their open side as a wood storage compartment and with the top and base boxes, you determine the size and shape of the structure, making it your own unique combination.

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The Dexter provides 9.9kW of heat output with an average of 61% efficiency. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every Austroflamm fire, the firebox is lined with a Keramott Lining that is exclusive to Austroflamm. This material excels with an exceptional ratio between thermal insulation and heat conduction. As a consequence, the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures sooner. Likewise, the unique surface structure prevents the settling of soot particles

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