The compact Warmheart wood-fired cooking stove is the perfect heating solution for smaller homes or off the grid solutions. Using the same principles as the best-selling Ironheart, the wood-fired Warmheart provides ample heat to keep things warm and toasty while a casserole bubbles away on the hob or a couple of steaks sizzle in the firebox.

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No gas or electricity? No problem. The Warmheart comes into its own in an off-grid environment, making it the perfect choice for heating an outback cabin in the woods.
ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox into the graduated temperature hob, bringing it up to cooking temperature within just a few minutes of lighting. Combine it with a domestic boiler and the 5kW Warmheart will also provide hot water while the hob can be used to boil a kettle, cook a casserole, or griddle a steak.

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