6670 Wall Mounted Fireplace

Morsø created the 6600 series with the concept of wanting something more than just a functional heating appliance, they wanted a challenging interpretation of style and function, and to set new standards that captivates the viewer with surprising elegance.

The convector stoves artistic expression sets it apart from the crowd. Its combination of cast-iron, glass, and its elliptical shape is complemented by a unique double door maximising the glass area, and providing a 180-degree view of the flames. This is then further enhanced by gold-tinted vermiculite bricks decorated with the Morsø squirrel, proving that this is a genuine Morsø product.

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Behind the glass, Morsø has an improved air supply, better insulation chamber and have developed a combustion technology that uses preheated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt, which results in both more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

Morsø craftsmen produce the finest cast-iron stoves in the world, and the Morsø 6643 is a convincing sample of this, with its breathtaking beauty and supreme performance.


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