Morso 7948 Freestanding Fireplace

Experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness

Picture yourself, surrounded by the warm glow, as the firelight flickers and casts a soothing spell. Whether you’re snuggled up on the sofa or entertaining friends, this fireplace ensures that every corner of your room is embraced by its gentle warmth and enchanting glow.

Transform your living space into a haven of tranquillity and warmth with the Morsø 7948 wood-burning fireplace. Experience the magic of the dancing flames, the comforting crackle of burning logs, and the delightful warmth that radiates throughout the room.

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Heat Output
12.5kW av
73% av
up to 150m²
1.3 grams/kg

Tertiary air system that draws air up the back of
the fire and then injects it to the upper chamber
to burn of excess gases

iron casting

Chromium treated internal castings

Superior air wash system keeps the glass clean
for unparalleled fire viewing

Self-closing door

Double glazed windows

Convection system that ensures a steady and
even flow of hot air throughout the room

Rugged ash pan made of heavy gauge steel

Vertical smoke exit through the top with the
option to switch to a Horizontal smoke exit
through the Rear

Weight : 156kilos

Maximum log width : 300mm

Flue Spigot Size : Ø 150mm 6inch

Internal Firebox : 240

390[w] x 295[d] x 440[h]

Viewing Area : 316.1[w] x 400[h]

Warranty : Limited 10 years manufactures

Low / High Top modules for additional Heat
Storage Modules and Bricks

Morso Complete Firetool Set [62917121]

Morso Wood Carrier [62912200]

Information supplied is to assist you in your choice
of a suitable fire. It is not intended to be all the
information required to install the fire and does not
replace the installation manual which provides more
detailed information. In the interest of product
development Morso reserves the right to change
specifications without prior notice.
All measurements are in millimetres unless
otherwise stated


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 156.0 kg
Dimensions 50.4 × 43.7 × 115.7 cm
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