Alderlea T5 Wood Heater

The Alderlea T5 may look like a traditional cast iron wood heater, but under the cast iron look is the most modern wood heater in performance and design. With elegant, historic styling that adds to the decor of any room, the T5 combines the best of cast iron and steel wood heaters; it offers radiant and convective heat, with a concealed cooktop and a huge glass window for a clean view of the flame.

It’s an easy-to-light, easy-to-use, long-burning wood heater with old-world charm and unmatched durability.

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Height 756mm
Width 635mm
Depth 724mm


Rear clearance to combustible 100mm
Side clearance to combustible 375mm
Corner clearance to combustible 200mm
Rear clearance to non-combustible 25mm
Side clearance to non-combustible 25mm
Corner clearance to non-combustible 25mm


Flue size 150mm
Minimum flue height 4mts
Hot water No
Heating capacity 250m²
Efficiency 67%
Emissions 1.1grams
Wood length 450mm
Stove weight 222kg


Firebox, Glassdoor, Baffle 10 years
Electrical part incl. fan 2 years
Enamel finish Lifetime Warranty
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