GF1500 Gas Log Fire

If you are looking for a WOW statement gas log fireplace: the GF1500 is perfect. The landscape design and ceramic burner offer realistic flames that dance over the driftwood logs. The addition of optional ducting means you can really use this heater to its full potential.

You can add 2 x fan-forced ducts that can heat those areas in your home you need. The ceramic burner captures a true look of a fire, glowing embers, long yellow flames, logs that don’t look fake… it’s a beautiful heater. The best feature is you have full control, in manual mode, you can select from 6 flame settings and a 3-speed fan, or leave it in thermostat mode to keep your home at one setting: there is also a 7-day program mode for times you want to come home to a warm house.

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