Neo 1.6 Freestanding

The Neo wood heater is made for homes that need not only heat, but performance as well.  The Neo range of heaters are 100% made in Canada for Canadian winters.

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The Neo may be packed with features, but its’ performance is what this heater is renowned for. Solid overnight burn, you can achieve up to 15 hours on a full load of wood. And an incredible 75% efficiency; it will burn 2 tons of wood less per year than most other wood heaters – this heater is just amazing.

Absolutely packed with features:

  • Extended burn time
  • No hassle ensuring your double story installs will work with high efficiency
  • Ash dump for ease of cleaning
  • Supercharged air wash for the cleanest glass you will ever see on a wood heater
  • Amazing after-burn.
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